Stars of the Sunset Strip Documentary

Rodney Bingenheimer, who is a prominent figure in the music business in Las Vegas spanning several decades share some of his experiences in the Boulevard. He told some great stories about the glam era on the Strip. Mickey Rourke also shares some of his stories and experiences in the context of the film with Mark Mahoney the legendary tattoo artist on the Strip since 1981.

There are also a bunch of great comedians sharing their stories, of them Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Depp who is a master story teller also share his experience with founding the Viper Room. There are just too many stars to mention them all. From the latest start on the Strip, Kelly Osbourne shares more stories about her music and experience on the Strip.

It is a documentary that transports you to re-live the memories of such great celebrities such as Ozzy Osborne and Sharon Stone, Peter Fonda, and Dita Von Teese.

There is also material and reminiscences of both River Phoenix and John Belushi’s deaths on this legendary Strip. It has a long history filled with the sad and happy moment, packed with drama and glamor too.

One story that will stick to your memory is Peter Fonda’s recalling of being arrested and asking passing actor Bob Denver for help.

Writen by Charlene Jordan