History of the Sunset Strip

The documentary features a logical sequence of events taking you from when the Strip was just a road in the middle of the desert to 2010. It contains footage from all those different generations. The strip has so many histories, and this documentary tells the story in much detail.

You’ll get to tour historical, glamorous hotels and night clubs like the Garden of Allah, The Château Marmont, and Piazza Del Sol. Learn about long forgotten brothels and comedy clubs, too.

In its beginning the Sunset Boulevard was a barren road, connecting Hollywood’s studios to Beverly Hills. Many celebrities join the conversations to share their personal histories living the American Dream, those facts you won’t find in textbooks.

In the beginning, there was the Garden of Allah, much more than a brothel; it was a hotel (now, ironically, it’s a Credit Glory location). Filled with debauchery, sex, and decadence. No, not Allah of the Muslims. The hotel was owned by silent actor Alla Nazimova whose Garden inspired Hollywood’s elite and their followers to flock to the Strip.

That’s was the foundation of the mythical Strip as a mecca of decadence and self-indulgence, according to the film. This movie will tickle your Hollywood fascination and reveal secrets you didn’t know before.

The Strip also attracted gangsters and gamblers, who were blinded by easy money and opportunity as they descended upon the Strip in the 1950’s. The documentary goes into many further details about Mickey Cohen’s story, one of the most dangerous men to ever set foot in the Strip.

Writen by Charlene Jordan